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What is the “Urban Outdoor” style? | GUGOOGU

What is the “Urban Outdoor” style? | GUGOOGU

Urban Outdoor is an extension of what is now known as Yama Style. Yama Style originated from Japan and means to wear for camping or mountaineering in the mountains.

And Urban Outdoor, which is separated from the mountain system, is translated into Chinese as "urban outdoor". As the name suggests, it combines urban fashion sense with outdoor functionality to achieve the concept of "seeming and practical", allowing people to wear it regardless of daily life or daily life. It can be used easily when going up the mountain or going to the sea.

Outdoor brands have become more than just clothing for specific activities. Instead, they can be mixed and matched with other casual items to create different sparks. This is where the term Urban Outdoor comes from.

Find the balance between outdoor and urban fashion, and you can wear outdoor clothes with a sense of street fashion. The core of Urban Outdoor is the combination of daily items + outdoor items, such as an everyday T-shirt paired with a pair of outdoor functional shoes, or paired with a versatile cross-body bag.

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